Wind Solar power system


     Wind Solar power system is a solar and wind power into electrical power. The system is free of air pollution, no noise, do not produce waste. Therefore, Wind Solar power system is a natural, clean power. The current worldwide development of wind power and solar power generation is very fast. To make the living environment of mankind is no longer affected by pollution, wind and solar power will be the inevitable choice for the world's power future.

     Wind Solar power system based on the user's electricity load and resource conditions for the rational allocation of system capacity, you can ensure system reliability of supply, but also to reduce the cost of power generation systems. No matter what kind of environment and how the power requirements, can make the most optimized system design programs to meet user requirements.Wind Solar power system is the most reasonable and independent power system This rational is expressed in the most rational allocation of resources, the most reasonable technical solutions, performance, the most reasonable price. It is this rationality Wind Solarpower supply system ensures high reliability.

Wind Solar Hybrid System In Chile
 Wind Solar Hybrid System in New Zealand
Wind Solar Hybrid System In Finland
Wind Solar Hybrid System in ZheJiag
Wind Solar Hybrid System in Hisense

Wind Solar Hybrid System in park

  Wind Solar power system by the solar panels, wind generators, the system controller, battery and inverter composed of several parts, power generation capacity of the various parts of the system for ensuring the rational allocation of Wind Solar power system reliability is very important, yet series of power system in order to be able to satisfy the user's electricity requirements, to provide users with reliable electricity, will carefully analyze the user's electricity load characteristics and the user area in which solar and wind power resource situation of different set of user profiles for the user's system.


MINI-400W Wind Solar Power System

MAX-800W Wind Solar Power System

MAX-1200W Wind Solar Power System

Small Wind Turbine

Sunning Small Wind Turbine 400W (5 Blades)24V

Sunning Small Wind Turbine 800W (5 Blades)48V

Sunning Small Wind Turbine 1200W (5 Blades)48V

Wind Solar Controller & Inverter
2 In 1

Turbine Input Power 0.6KW
Solar Panel Input Power 0.3KW
Battery Rated Voltage 24V
Output Power 1KW,220V

Turbine Input Power 1KW
Solar Panel Input Power 0.3KW
Battery Rated Voltage 48V
Output Power 1KW,220V

Turbine Input Power 3KW
Solar Panel Input Power 0.9KW
Battery Rated Voltage 96V




Input Power 2/3KW,Voltage 220V
Battery Rated Voltage96V

Solar Panel

Monocrystalline Solar Panel 150W × 2 Kuai Conversion Rate of 15% or more

Monocrystalline Solar Panel 150W × 4 Kuai Conversion Rate of 15% or more

Monocrystalline Solar Panel 150W × 6 Kuai Conversion Rate of 15% or more





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