Wind Solar street light


      Wind Solar Street Light, make full use of the green clean energy, to achieve zero power consumption, zero emissions, zero pollution, products widely used in roads, landscape, residential lighting and surveillance, communications base stations, ships and other fields. wind solar steet light without the laying of transmission lines, pipe without digging the road, not the characteristics of energy consumption, and its unique advantages in urban road construction, landscaping and other areas of the municipal lighting very conspicuous. Scenery around the country have wind soar supply system into the municipal areas of the road lighting design, and began to promote large-scale application. Sunny light, and rainy days, the larger the wind; the summer sun, and winter wind greater use of solar and wind energy complement each other, through the solar street light and wind turbine, integrated system power supply, energy storage during the day and at night through the intelligent control system lighting lamps to achieve power.

Wind Solar street light

Wind Solar Street Light In HeNan
Wind Solar Street Light in bureau
Wind Solar Street Light in bureau
Wind Solar Street Light In FuJian
Wind Solar Street Light In Hisense
Wind Solar Street Light In ShenZhen


Sunning Series 8M 50W Wind Solar Street light

Sunning Series 10M 100W Wind Solar Street light

Solar panel

Monocrystalline solar modules, the conversion rate of 15% or more, life expectancy 20-25 years

Peak power:120W

Peak Power:240W

Wind Turbine

Sunning Mini 300W Wind Turbine,service life more than 20 years, three years warranty




High-performance, maintenance-free lead acid / gel battery



MPPT Wind Solar Controller

MPPT charge Controller Over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, lightning protection, lightand time control functions

12V 10A

24V 10A

LED Lights

Life of more than 50,000 hours

Die-casting Aluminum 50W LED Light (12V)

Die-casting Aluminum 100W LED Light (24V)


Q235 high-quality tapered steel pipes, hot dip galvanized, spray outdoors Fluorocarbon Paint

Pole height of 8M, thickness 3.5mm

Pole height of 10M, thickness 4.0mm


2.5/3/4mm 2 Cable

Solar panels Stent

4×4 angle hot-dip galvanizing spray

Working Mode

Working hours, 1-14 hours

Consecutive Working days

Continuous overcast and rainy weather, the work of 3-5 days

Wind speed and temperature range of radiation exposure

Annual wind speed: 3.5 m / s or more, annual sunshine time: 4.5 hours / day, temperature range: -30 ℃ -50 ℃

Quality Assurance

One year warranty


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